A couple weeks ago, Stephen reached out to us wondering if we could film his proposal to his then girlfriend, now fiancée, Taylor (sorry, I guess that gives away the ending ). Stephen had put in a ton of work planning everything and arranging the venue at Tanque Verde Ranch, but I have to admit it was fun working out the finer details of how to film everything without making Taylor suspicious. Stephen also hired Neal Kreuser (good choice, if we say so ourselves) to photograph everything, and the cover we decided on was that I was there to film a promo film for Neal's photography business (ironically, something we've already done before!). Now I'm about to go on a tangent, but it's warranted. In my humble opinion, Neal should ditch his camera to become an actor. He played up our cover SOOO well. He was spitting mad game into our cameras and in front of Stephen and Taylor (Spitting Mad Game (v) - To, with ease and eloquence, speak confidently and knowledgably in a persuasive manner, especially during a high stakes circumstance). It was like he was putting on a workshop; we could easily sell that footage as an online instructional video series on how to take photographs. So, basically, it was fun working with Neal and we hope to again in the near future. I digress. 

Earlier that day, I met with Stephen in Oro Valley (just outside of Tucson, Arizona) to interview and film him calling family to let them in on the big secret. Filming their reactions was something we've never done before (it was Stephen's idea), but we loved it! We all talk to family so much that we often take for granted the kind words they say; it was awesome to be able to preserve those moments for Stephen and Taylor.

The evening shoot was a blast. Thanks to Neal's fine acting, Taylor totally bought the cover and didn't realize what was happening until...well...until it was happening (watch for yourself if you haven't already ). On an unfortunate technical side, our main wireless transmitter died right before the proposal, but that's why we always have back-up audio running.

A BIG thanks to Stephen and Taylor for bringing us along on their special moment. Congratulations you two! You both make an exceptional couple and we're excited for your future together !


Update (11/9/2015): They got married! See their wedding film here