I’ve been holding onto this post for quite a while now, and finally being able to share it makes me go, “BOOYEAH!” Please just picture me saying that in the coolest, least embarrassing way possible. We didn’t want any of Logan & Clark’s guests to accidentally see their Engagement Film on my social media page before having the full experience of seeing it on their wedding website. Now that all of the RSVP’s are in and their wedding is THIS SATURDAY, I’m sharing this puppy!

I worked with Logan and Clark from spring into summer to conceive and create their Engagement Film. After meeting with them and getting to know their personalities, a Ferris Bueller-esque, breaking the 4th wall sequence popped into my head. I pitched them the idea, hoping it wasn’t too off the wall for their tastes, and it wasn’t. In the following months we worked on a script, storyboard, and production schedule to make things come alive.

Hey, don't laugh at my drawings. So long as they convey the framing that's all that matters!

Hey, don't laugh at my drawings. So long as they convey the framing that's all that matters!

Shot list & production schedule

Shot list & production schedule

Shooting and filming everything was an absolute blast. Lots of bloopers, snacks, and wine would be a good way to sum up the weekend of filming. I was a one-man crew for this shoot (with the exception of my wife, Rebecca, who drove her car while I stood out her sunroof with the Movi. Thanks babe!). There’s certainly a reason you have a larger crew for narrative work. Doing all the of the lighting, camera operation, sound, and directing at the same time was tricky, but I'm glad I was able to pull it off. The first day of shooting was a long day, but not nearly as arduous as the production schedule makes it seem (again, see reference to snacks & wine). Some cool BTS shots:

Engagement video lexington kentucky bts pics

Part of the Engagement Film commission included a custom website to showcase it. All of the relevant information for their wedding was also included on the site that I built for them (ceremony location & time, links to hotel accommodations, activities in and around Lexington, Kentucky, and an RSVP form).

Their Wedding Website

Perhaps my favorite thing about Engagement Films (apart from how fun they are to create), is that in the process I learn so much about the couples I work with. I see Logan & Clark as friends first and clients second, and getting to know them and their relationship will be invaluable in creating their wedding film after this weekend. Stay tuned for their Highlight Film!


A big thanks to Michler’s for letting us film on their grounds & in their greenhouse!