James, I know what it's like. My wife loves stealing my pizza crust, too. I'm not sure what it is, but giving her that small piece of bread wins me huge bonus points. Maybe on our anniversary I'll figure out a way to make a pizza that is 100% crust. No sauce or cheese, just crust. Does that sound ridiculous? Ya, you're right it does. I think that's just called "bread." 

Jen & James, your wedding was fantastic. From the Fireball GoPro to Mr. Dang's surprisingly short speech , Matt and I had a blast being surrounded by all of it. It would be hard to pick a favorite moment, but Jen, as you were preparing to leave the bridal room for the ceremony, you gave us this gem:

Arizona Wedding Video

^ I think this shot sums up your wedding perfectly - you two gave everyone a smile that day. From a filmmaking perspective, it was nice to smile so much while editing your films as well .

Here's to sharing the blankets, laughing at cheesy jokes, and enjoying venti double shot dirty chai's with soy!


We worked with some awesome vendors at Jen & James' wedding! Check them out: Lauren Button Photography (Tucson, Arizona based). Venue: Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa. Make-up & hair: I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry (Servicing Arizona & Puerto Rico)