We probably had more fun than we should've at Connie & Sean's wedding. We blame them though, for being so happy-go-lucky and infecting us with their good spirits. My favorite moment was sneaking off with them and their photog Lexi (www.leximoodyphotography.com) to get some sparkler shots off in the desert. Our intern, Jaime, got some unexpected exercise running with a sparkler in ciricles around Connie & Sean, which resulted in that awesome opening shot of their video. The entire day was just amazing. Multiple flatulence jokes, family & friends, all those times Sean buried his face into Connie's neck when giving her a hug, a gorgeous desert scene at Stardance; all the little peices fell together just right. Watch their film and see for yourself. 

Evidence of our fun time:

Arizona Wedding Video Team

Connie & Sean: We wish you many wonderful years of growing old together! 

Shout out to the following awesome vendors! Lexi Moody (leximoodyphotography.com, Phoenix, Arizona based), Roland Bosma (rolandbosma.com, servicing Arizona and Romania! How cool is that?!), and Kelly at Stardance (an awesome Tucson wedding venue)!