Oh, where to start with this one...

This wedding was out-of-this-world fun. The end.

Don't believe me? Well, after you finish watching Cybil + Adam's Highlight Film above check out their "Shenanigans" reel here. Seriously, it involves an explosion. It's like Michael Bay is directing our wedding films now.

On a serious note, we can't say enough good things about this couple. Their family and friends were awesome and we had a fantastic time interacting with them as we documented their wedding. It was also the perfect wedding for our intern, Jaime, to get her feet wet. She definitely rocked her first wedding helping Matt and me! Wahoo Jaime! The three of us snapped off these special moments in the photo booth:

Phoenix Arizona Wedding Video Team

Anyway, we'll let the video do the talking for us when it comes to describing Cybil + Adam's wedding. So to close, we want to thank Cybil & Adam for hiring us. Here's to 100 years of happy marriage! Yes, 100. I'm banking on some awesome medical advances this century to make that a possibility (what they're doing with telomers right now is very exciting!).


We also had the pleasure of working with a couple awesome vendors: Lea of Vienna Glenn Photography (Serving Arizona & Michigan), The Farm at South Mountain (truly awesome Phoenix wedding venue), DJ Galileo, and Apixture Photo Booth.