Shakespeare, Plato, E.E. Cummings, John Lennon....just to name a few. I have never been to a wedding ceremony with works read from such a pantheon of great minds. Sofia & Hector's ceremony was a beautiful experience, and one that makes you reflect on what the best man described so eloquently, "that great majesty and mystery, that we call love."

I wanted to do something different for Sofia and Hector with their wedding film. Both are artists, and so I wanted to paint their narrative in a way that spoke to them. The opening sequence is designed to catapult you into their story. It's the climax at the start, which bends the typical narrative arch, but hey, some rules are meant to be broken, right? It's a story within a story, and it sets the tone for rest of the film. It's hard to pick a favorite experience from the night, but as a music lover I especially enjoyed the groom/best man musical performance at the reception. I would highly recommend you check out Hector's awesome music here.

I wasn't able to fit all the amazing readings and toasts into their highlight film, so I made sure their longer Signature Film had the others. I can't express enough what a dream it was as a filmmaker to have so much amazing content to work with. On the note of our Signature Films, we do get a lot of inquiries regarding what they are like. Simply contact us and we can provide you with a private link if you'd like to watch one.

I can't say enough good things about Sofia & Hector, and truly wish them the best as they walk hand in hand across the universe.


Shamless vendor plug: We had a fantastic time working with the people at La Mariposa (as always) and with the pretty rad Torey Salyer Photography (Tucson, Arizona based)!