I had the pleasure of filming Stephen's proposal to Taylor last year as they visited Arizona (see it here). More recently,  I traveled to Texas to film their wedding. It's been a gift to capture their growth as a couple and I am so excited to present their film. They are the nicest kind of people you could ever hope to find and the love they share is that wonderful, everlasting kind. Most of us remember the intensity of our first love, but I would bet most of us have watched that love slip away through a clash of youthful idealism & adulthood reality. But Taylor and Stephen are one of the lucky few who had that original compatibility right. Over the years that relationship has strengthened and I can't help but see in them a beautifully pure sense of commitment and loyalty to one another. Enjoy their film above and I think you'll see what I mean.


Filmed at the Marty Leonard Community Chapel and T&P Train Station in Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas.