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Claire + Luke

We've been doing weddings for a little over a year now, (our first anniversary was back in March; we're getting so old) and we're realizing how each wedding has its own atmosphere and personality. From weddings of elegance and distinction to those with that warm, homey feel, it's pretty cool being able to experience such a variety. In my opinion, Claire & Luke's wedding atmosphere certainly fell into the latter. I felt so comfortable and welcome among their family and friends - it really felt like we were guests more than vendors (I know we seem to always say stuff like that, but I think we've just been super lucky to work with consistently awesome couples). But seriously, nobody seemed overly stressed, everyone was enjoying themselves, and there was nothing that could have ruined the day. It felt like a joyous family reunion just as much as an amazing wedding celebration; it was perfect.

If you didn't already know, I'm tall. Most of the time I love it, but I'll be honest and admit that at weddings I'm self-conscious about it. I never want to be that guy who towers over everybody or takes up too much space, especially as a vendor. However, Claire & Luke's wedding was a height-liberating experience for me. I kid you not, the average stature of Luke's groom party must have been 6'5".  It was a novel experience being surrounded by so many long-boned individuals. [Cue sob music] I finally felt like I belonged! [end sob music]. I loved it. 

We'd like to thank Claire & Luke again for letting us capture their special day. If you'd like to see & feel what their wedding was like, check out their Highlight Film above. I'm a sucker for bagpipes, so I think my favorite part was the processional. Let us know your favorite part in the comments below!


Venue: La Mariposa (Tucson, Arizona)