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Bill & Darryl

I was a little worried as Bill + Darryl's wedding on September 20th, 2014 approached. As I'm sure everyone remembers, that week almost saw the complete and utter destruction of Tucson as we know it, thanks to Tropical Storm Odile (see the carnage here). Luckily, things cleared up by that Saturday afternoon and we had some beautiful weather.

Flying out from NY, the day-of was the first opportunity for both Carina and I to meet Bill and Darryl face to face. We met during the wedding party's lunch and in my usual, super-smooth fashion I got my name wrong. "Hi, I'm Bill," I said. "No, I'm Bill," said Bill. At least one of us nailed it. I get nervous in front of large groups. After I cleared that one up, we ventured around the Ritz-Carlton grounds for some good shot locations. There wasn't a shortage of them, that's for sure. Sometimes the hardest part about editing our films is narrowing down which shots to include. It's one of those good problems to have, certainly.

The atmosphere during preparations had a warm excitement without any of that overbearing stress in the air. Bill was doing everybody's makeup, which we thought was pretty cool - usually it's the other way around. There was also Darryl's pink tux, which was rad (yes, "rad!" It's making its way back into the vernacular, trust me). He certainly rocked the pink theme he had going on. The rest of the day sort of went by in a flash. It usually does once the festivities get started. We have to hand it to Bill & Darryl's guests and family - they are a dancing group! I saw a couple moves I hadn't seen before, and skill level permitting I might try and bust them out in the future.

Overall, the experience of Bill & Darryl's wedding was awesome for us. We are honored they chose us to document their day, and we hope they enjoy their film for decades to come! Cheers guys.


P.S. Shout out to vendors! Bill & Darryl hired Leigh and Ryan (Hammond/Preuss) as their photographers, and they were phenomenal to work with (one of the best in Tucson, Arizona). They're fun and laid back (read: confident in their work) and coordinating our joint coverage was super easy. We highly recommend them . In addition, La Fluer Plantscapes (Tucson, AZ based) did an excellent job with the flowers! Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain just north of Tucson.