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Erin + Joe

I don't believe in fate or anything, but filming this wedding was simply meant to be. When Erin originally inquired her date was already booked by another couple, and it was a sad moment having to tell her the bad news. However, in proper serendipitous fashion, within days the other couple cancelled and we informed Erin prontissimo, hoping she hadn't yet found another filmmaker. She hadn't  . She later confessed she had crossed her fingers that something might happen to make us available; I'm inclined to say there's some magic in those fingers. 

In their Highlight Film (above), we tried to capture the deep love that Erin & Joe's family and friends have for them. As I'm sure you'll agree, the articulate manner in which it was professed did make it a little easy for us  

On a personal side-note, it's such an awesome feeling when our clients scour the internet and fall in love with the work we do. Creating our films is a very idiosyncratic process for us. There's no formula that we follow in filming or editing, and we make decisions from our gut based on what moves us in a moment. Editing, especially. Whether I'm at home in my PJs and moccasins feeling a cozy contentment, or out late at night in a coffee shop taking in the night life, it all has an affect on the direction I take a film. Consequently, a lot of our personality gets embedded in our films, and so when a client "just knows" we're the filmmakers for them we get a sense of artistic validation that hits very close to our heart. So, thank you Erin & Joe for giving us that feeling!

Also, we had an awesome time working with the following stellar vendors: Jennifer at Imoni Events (Scottsdale, AZ based), photographers Cameron & Kelly (Flagstaff, AZ based. See their photos here), and Rich of Mancini Entertainment (Phoenix, AZ based). We highly recommend them.