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Shaida + Michael

You know that feeling you have when things feel just right? That’s the feeling I had after grabbing coffee and having my initial consultation with Shaida and Michael. I recall sipping my Americano and thinking to myself how fun and easy they were to talk to. I especially remember them describing their work load as med students (and having to balance that with planning a wedding – not easy!), which made me incredibly thankful I was not in med school. Now I’m definitely not bashing on med school; I’m just saying I’m not a masochist . In all seriousness though, if it weren’t for med school at the University of Arizona these two would not be together! Thus the hashtag #medschooltomolloys. So, awesome careers plus awesome relationship = med school was a really good decision. Also, part of the deal in hiring me was that they provide me with free healthcare for life. I call it MolloyCare for short. Full disclosure: I stole that joke from one of the Best Men, Andrew. Credit where credit is due.

Filming their wedding exceeded my expectations, both in how beautiful everything was and in how enjoyable it was to work with Shaida, Michael, and their families. Shaida’s little sister, Shelia was a hoot (more on her later) and Michael’s little brother Evan gave me flashbacks when he talked about the “Thunderdome” of growing up in a household with all boys (I grew up with three brothers myself. I still remember us gluing lamps and other items back together and hoping mom would never notice). I am confident Shaida is going to inject some much needed civility and frontal lobe development into the Molloy Thunderdome. I also loved seeing the special gifts Shaida gave to both her mother and mother-in-law:

Wedding gift to mom and mother-in-law. Wedding video frame grab.

 Seeing the reaction of Michael’s mom, I know she is so thankful to have Shaida as her new daughter. My time with couples is inherently limited, so I love seeing interactions like these with family members. Each time I learn a little bit more about the couple and the insights they grant can be incredibly helpful in choosing which path to take in creating their films.

Regarding the details of everything, this was an exquisitely gorgeous wedding. I’m a guy and so I can’t really comment on wedding dresses, but I do know that I really liked Shaida’s a lot. To me it had a classic aesthetic in a contemporary design:

Shaid's dress for her wedding in Phoenix, Arizona. Video frame grab.

And the venue (Villa Siena) was a videographer’s dream. Despite being in the middle of Gilbert, Arizona, it really looks like something transplanted out of Tuscany:

Entrance to Villa Siena in Phoenix, Arizona. Wedding Video frame grab.

Their planner, Rackel Gehlsen, really did a fantastic job organizing and coordinating the wedding – attention to detail is so key if you want your wedding to run smoothly.

Throughout the entire day Shaida's younger sister, Sheila, was a fun bubble of energy. I loved her unique personality, and her penchant for performance and flair came to a culminating display at the reception. Now, I have seen a lot of creative and thoughtful wedding speeches, but this one takes the cake as the most epic. All you Disney Frozen fanatics will enjoy this:

The guys at Awesoos also deserve an honorable mention for allowing me to create the gem below with my assistant videographer, Matt. I do love a good photo booth.

Arizona Wedding Videographer photobooth

To conclude: Shaida and Michael have an awesome relationship, they had an amazing wedding, and I hope I was able to capture as much in their film. Thank you so much for hiring me, you two! 


Shaida & Michael's other awesome vendors:

DJ: Satyr Entertainment

Photography: Indie Image Photography

Floral: Posh Petals

Make-Up: KLM Artistry

Dress: Schaffers



Cybil + Adam

Oh, where to start with this one...

This wedding was out-of-this-world fun. The end.

Don't believe me? Well, after you finish watching Cybil + Adam's Highlight Film above check out their "Shenanigans" reel here. Seriously, it involves an explosion. It's like Michael Bay is directing our wedding films now.

On a serious note, we can't say enough good things about this couple. Their family and friends were awesome and we had a fantastic time interacting with them as we documented their wedding. It was also the perfect wedding for our intern, Jaime, to get her feet wet. She definitely rocked her first wedding helping Matt and me! Wahoo Jaime! The three of us snapped off these special moments in the photo booth:

Phoenix Arizona Wedding Video Team

Anyway, we'll let the video do the talking for us when it comes to describing Cybil + Adam's wedding. So to close, we want to thank Cybil & Adam for hiring us. Here's to 100 years of happy marriage! Yes, 100. I'm banking on some awesome medical advances this century to make that a possibility (what they're doing with telomers right now is very exciting!).


We also had the pleasure of working with a couple awesome vendors: Lea of Vienna Glenn Photography (Serving Arizona & Michigan), The Farm at South Mountain (truly awesome Phoenix wedding venue), DJ Galileo, and Apixture Photo Booth.