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Andrea + Adam

It’s 2014 and time for a blog post! We’re deep in the editing phase on Andrea + Adam’s films, so what better time than now to tell you about our experience filming their wedding. I have a history of describing our clients as awesome - a tradition I’m not about to break. Adam is one of those guys who forces you to go, “woah, this dude is pretty cool,” and Andrea has excellent taste in everything (I mean, she did hire us ). Andrea and I talked a good amount prior to the wedding to ensure her vision of a stylized film aesthetic became a reality. To accomplish this, we filmed portions of her wedding with older glass (camera-speak for lenses) from the vintage SLR days. This may be unbeknownst to most folk, but each lens has its own “character” beyond just focal length and depth of field, as each renders things like contrast and saturation differently. The old Pentax, Mamiya Sekor, and Cosina glass we used created a unique look that, although subtle, gave the filmic aesthetic that Andrea was looking for. It also helped to add a lot of those sweet lens flares. On a personal note, we LOVED this combination. Not only are the older lenses a pleasure to handle and shoot with (they don’t make things like they used to), but blending in aspects from the analog days of film certainly got our creative juices flowing!

The day itself went by in a flash. If I had to pick a favorite part about Andrea + Adam’s wedding it would be the reception. If I’ve ever seen a celebration, that was it; not a single person wasn’t enjoying themselves. It didn’t hurt that the DJ they hired was phenomenal (DJ ACE). Not only did his emcee skills blow my mind, but he went out of his way to notify us vendors when he was ~5 min. from starting an event or making an announcement. With less experienced DJs we (along with the photogs) have literally had to run into position when things didn’t follow the timeline. So kudos to you Mr. Ace.

In sum, we had a marvelous time filming Andrea + Adam’s wedding and we can’t wait to send them their final package. Thanks for hiring us, guys 

~ Carl

Shout out to the other talented vendors we worked with: Julie Livermore Photography (Denver, Colorado based) & Michelle Rooney Photography (Tucson, Arizona based)! Venue was Tubac Golf Resort & Spa in Southern Arizona just below Tucson.