+ What areas do you serve?

I call both Arizona and Pennsylvania my home, but do enjoy jumping on planes to film and photograph weddings in unique locations.

+ What are your travel fees?

There are no travel fees for weddings in central or southern Arizona (Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tucson), western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), and northern Ohio (Cleveland). There is a flat fee of $350 for certain Arizona/Ohio/Kentucky destinations such as Flagstaff, Sedona, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington. For everywhere else, please contact me for a quote.

My destination wedding bucket-list includes: Hawaii, Big Sur (I had my honeymoon there!), Zion National Park, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Chicago, Yosemite, New York, Alaska (Denali National Park), Montana (Glacier National Park), and Fiji. I'm basically a sucker for national parks & beaches.

+ Do your packages charge by the hour?

+ Do you offer drone coverage?

I do! I offer both aerial photography and cinematography. To see some of my aerial cinematography and how I weave it into a film watch Jenny + Tommy's Highlight Film or Heather + Dylan's Signature Film. My drone coverage comes in two parts: Sense-of-place landscapes and planned, cinematic maneuvers. The former will include shots of the surrounding area and your venue, and doesn't require any special timeline considerations. All couples who elect drone coverage receive this at a minimum. For cinematic maneuvers, a 20 minute section in your timeline needs to be dedicated for their capture. This ensures that I choreograph the most compelling footage (the breathtaking aerial shot of you and your partner won’t look so great when there's a distracting photographer/guest standing in the frame) and that the drone is operated safely, without rush. It's also important I mention that I am an FAA licensed pilot certified to fly and operate UAS (unmanned aircraft systems). Wedding videographers who fly without this training do so illegally, and risk getting your wedding on the evening news when they crash into one of your guests. Do your diligence and make sure you have a certified drone operator if you want your wedding captured from the sky!

+ Who shouldn't hire you?

If you're a stick in the mud or allergic to good humor, don't hire me. I like working for happy people.


+ What is the Highlight Film?

+ What are the Signature and Documentary Films?

My Signature Film is very similar to the Highlight Film, but with much more content. It tells your story in a cinematic fashion, includes the most important events of the day, and has a run-time of about 15 minutes. Click here to see one of my Signature Films. In contrast, the Documentary Film shows the events of your wedding in their entirety, and does so with less emphasis on a cinematic editing style (events are in chronological order). Documentary Films have a run time of about one hour, but will vary depending on the length of the ceremony, the number of reception speeches, etc. I find that these films complement each other nicely, and clients who elect both have viewing options. The Signature Film is designed for the most engaging viewing experience, while the Documentary Film is great for reliving every moment of your day’s main events.

+ What are your Engagement Films?

My Engagement Films are personal narratives that capture the story and essence of your relationship. My approach to these really makes for an awesome experience: Is there a special location that you and your fiancé love to visit? We'll film your interviews there. Do you two have a favorite activity together? We'll film you doing it. Have an off-the-wall concept for a film that you've always wanted to create? We'll make it happen (like Logan + Clark's Engagement Film). This approach allows me to craft a film that offers a very personal documentation of your relationship. As with my wedding film clients, I conduct an in-depth consultation to learn about you and your partner. This ensures I highlight the subtle details that you value most. Engagement Films can be commissioned independently or as part of a wedding film package, and many have used them as save-the-dates & wedding invitations. Simply contact me and we’ll get started on one for you.

+ What are the Ceremony and Reception Films?

The Ceremony and Reception Films are just that - films of those specific events. Some couples may only want a Highlight Film, but still want to watch their ceremony from start to finish. Other couples may only want their reception speeches in addition to a Highlight Film. Offering these standalone Ceremony and Reception Films grants me greater flexibility in meeting your needs and staying within your budget. Please note that the Documentary Film already includes this content.

+ What are Same Day Edits?

Our Same Day Edits are an awesome experience for you and your guests. During the reception, we set up a projector to play a 5-10min. highlight film of the preparations and ceremony. We accomplish this by having an additional team member working on a mobile editing station throughout the day. Perhaps the best part is, as everyone's watching, we film their reactions.

+ When can we expect to receive our film(s)?

It usually takes around three months before I have a final package with all your films ready to deliver.

+ Can we pick the music for my Highlight Film?

Unfortunately, no. All songs are protected by copyright and sync licenses from the major music publishers (which hold the rights to your favorite songs) are quite expensive. Luckily, I have a couple great resources that I license music from for use in my films. I choose all music very carefully to ensure it compliments the tone, feel, and pace of your film's visuals.

+ Can we purchase additional DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, and/or USBs at later dates?

Of course! I keep copies of all your films on my media server indefinitely.

+ What is 4k?

Click here to learn all about my 4k wedding films.

+ What is an Online Blu-ray?

An Online Blu-ray is an interactive menu (just like a normal DVD/Blu-ray menu) that is easily accessed by visiting a simple URL link. This allows you to watch your films anywhere, anytime, right from within your internet browser. You'll also be able to download your films to your computer, laptop, or cell phone from the menu. Online Blu-rays are a very convenient way to share your films with family and friends without having to upload large files our send DVDs/Blu-rays in the mail.

+ Which films do you post online?

We automatically post your Highlight Film online so you can share it with friends & family. Due to their size and length, we do not post Signature or Documentary Films online unless you elect to receive an Online Blu-ray.

+ What if we don't want our films posted online?

I rely on being able to showcase my work to promote what I do as a filmmaker, but understand that some couples may have a need for anonymity and privacy. In such cases I offer an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for a small fee.

+ Are you going to direct us in any way?

With my style, about 90% of the day is collected organically. I'll only direct you a handful of times, and certainly not during intimate moments. For example, I may ask that you stand near a window when getting ready for the best light. Similar to having time devoted on your timeline to take photos, I ask that a small block (10-15 min.) be added to your timeline where I can collect more cinematic shots. If I'm also your photographer, it makes things a little easier as I'll combine our photo + film sessions into one. During this time I'll have you hold hands and walk somewhere, hug & kiss, and if you added drone coverage we'll do a cool fly-over. It's very similar to taking photos, but with natural movements and less posing. Obtaining these cinematic shots increases the quality of your film dramatically and allows me to add a level of intimacy by eliminating distracting elements in the frame (another photographer, guest, etc.).

+ Can I purchase the raw footage?

Unfortunately, no. Raw footage to me is to what a first draft is to an author; a work in progress unfit for presentation. For every hour of filming I spend about five hours editing to ensure all films become exceptional, finished products. Footage is also collected in a LOG profile, which requires color grading to look pleasing to the eye. If you’re in the market for a basic videographer and "simple" video coverage, I'm not the best fit for you.


+ Do you take engagement photos?

Of course! All couples who hire me as their wedding photographer receive a complimentary engagement session.

+ Do we receive the digital files from the wedding?

Yes. Couples receive digital files of all their photographs at 8x10 print ready resolution (3,000 pixels on the wide end).

+ Are we required to buy prints from you / is there a minimum print order?

No, My couples are not required to buy prints/canvases/albums from me. By providing digital files to all, you are free to never print them (though I highly, highly, recommend you do) or print them from the vendor/print shop of your choice (but please don't go to Walgreens or Costco - your photos deserve better). However, for prints larger than 8x10 you'll need to order through me.

+ How do we order prints, canvases, and albums?

+ How many photos from the wedding will we receive?

Every wedding is unique so it varies. I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity, but that said, every wedding has a large quantity of quality moments worth capturing. Most couples will receive 500-750 photographs.

+ Do you photograph on film?

+ When can we expect to receive our photos?

Your Online Gallery with all your photographs will be available about six weeks after the wedding. From your Online Gallery you can order prints/canvases and download watermarked images for sharing on social media. If I only photographed your wedding, your custom USB with watermark-free images will be mailed out at the same time. If I both photographed and filmed your wedding, your watermark-free images will be delivered on your USB along with your films once they are ready (typically around 3 months after the wedding).

Of course! Here's Lorrianne + Neil's Online Gallery, married in Austin, Texas.

+ Can we have or purchase the raw (unedited) photographs?

No, my editing and post-production is part of the value I provide. Raw or unedited photographs are not for sale.